Submissions for NZTV Awards

Entries for  the 2021 New Zealand Television Awards were open June 30th and closed August 11th.
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Awards Ceremony

Q: When are the NZTV Awards 2021

The New Zealand Television Awards 2021 will be announced in an online presentation here on our website on Tuesday March 1st from 4.00pm



Q: How do I buy tickets?
Tickets for future NZTV Awards will be available via this website.  

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Q. When does judging take place?
The 2021 Judging period has finished - finalists have been released.

Q. How are the entries judged?
Each judge is included in a panel of 5. Each panel will judge the entries for 1 to 2 categories maximum, with each member reviewing the entries and submitting their votes independently via our online judging platform.

The winner of the award is based on the final scorecard collated by the judging portal.


Q: What happens if I am a finalist?
Congratulations! You will be notified before the ceremony and all finalists will be announced via a media release in October.

We will also request you provide up to 3 or 4 broadcast quality clips of your entry to be included in our final Awards Ceremony. 

Q: Will I get a free ticket if I am a finalist?
In the event you are a finalist you will receive one complimentary ticket to the NZTV Awards Ceremony, and given an option to buy partner ticket/s. 

Q: Will I get 2 tickets if I am a finalist in more than one category?
If you are a finalist over more than one Category, only one complimentary ticket will be issued.


Q: How many complimentary tickets will we receive if we entered as a Team?
If a team becomes a finalist, only one complimentary ticket will be issued.  You will be able to purchase tickets for the other members of your team.

Q: Can I give my complimentary ticket to a colleague?
Complimentary tickets are non-transferable.


Q: Will I receive a trophy?
All individual award winners will receive a New Zealand Television Awards trophy.
If you enter as a team only one trophy will be received as a team.

Q: How much is it to buy an additional trophy?
If you require individual trophies, these can be provided at a cost of NZD $250 + GST each.