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Our Brand

The NZTVA wordmark reflects Aotearoa New Zealand’s multifaceted identity, shaped by the unique history, geography, and culture of our country. 


The NZTVA wordmark is inspired by rāranga (traditional Māori weaving) which plays a significant role in connecting with the past, honouring tīpuna (ancestors), and expressing Te Ao Māori (the customs and values of Māori). 


The practice of rāranga also speaks to the arts, honing one’s craft and celebrates our strong connection to the land and environment. Additionally, it represents the collaborative nature of screen production, where contributions from individual strands are each vital to the creative and technical process of bringing our stories to the screen.

NZTVA Branding Guidelines

The brand guidelines were designed to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout all communications. The brand serves as the first impression of our organisation, so we use it to communicate excellence.


There are downloadable files here for Finalists and Judges They are in the primary and secondary logos, white background and transparent.

We encourage you to use these should you be a Finalist
 or Judge

Once Winners are announced we will also have a Banner for them here

Finalist & Judge Banners:

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